Tiny Houses

The Principles behind Tiny Homes and How to Apply Them to Your Home

    The Principles behind Tiny Homes and How to Apply Them to Your Home, have you ever considered living in a home that is significantly smaller than your current home? Not many people consider this, but several people have and some of them have taken the big steps to create their own tiny homes. […]

The Southampton Arts Center

The Southampton Arts Center

  Art will always be one of the most attractive and finer things in life and the Southampton Arts Center has been a center for arts and culture serving on the East End. The center boasts of success with over 50, 000 visitors in a year, 200 programs and events, and 5 exhibitions in 2019. […]

Parrish Art Museum

Architecture of the Parrish Art Museum

    There are several ways to enjoy the beauty of art and one way is a visit to the Parrish Art Museum where architect Herzog & de Meuron designed a building that is both art and an experience in itself. The Parrish Art Museum is sited on 14 acres of land. It is an astonishing building with the most […]

Beach House

Considerations in Building a Beach House

  A beach house is the stuff of dreams. Sometimes you simply want to get away from the hustle and bustle and demands of urban life to live in a peaceful home with the most amazing view, cool breeze, and glorious beach waters. But building such a luxury or even simple but dreamy home takes […]

Hamptons architect, New York architect

Architectural Design and Yourself

Architectural Design and Yourself – People don’t usually ask themselves about the relation of architecture and their behavior. However, the philosopher Alain de Botton, on his Architecture of Happiness, already said that we act and feel different at different places. The psychologist Jung, on Memories, Dreams, and Reflections, also believed that renovating a house can […]